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KU Certificates

What is a certificate and why should I get one?

KU offers a wide variety of Experiential Learning Programs and Certificates that offer fantastic opportunities for undergraduate students. Whether you're looking to build your resume, gain hands-on experience, or take your education beyond the classroom, KU has got you covered. All completed certificates will be notated on your academic transcript.

There are two main types of certificates here at KU: the experiential learning certificate where you are doing classwork and hands-on experience and the classroom certificate where you are taking about 4 classes to further your understanding on a particular subject.

If you are earning a BGS degree, you have the option to earn two certificates (anything listed below) as your second area of study.

(from the Undergraduate Advising Center; https://advising.ku.edu/special-programs-certificates)

American Studies

Communication Studies


Geography and Atmospheric Science

German Studies

Global and International Studies


Institute for Leadership Studies

Jewish Studies

Liberal Arts and Sciences



Physics and Astronomy

Political Science


Speech-Language-Hearing: Sciences and Disorders

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

For other certificates offered throughout the university, please visit the following links:



Education- Health, Sport and Exercise Sciences

‚ÄčEngineering- Bioengineering

Experiential Learning Certificates