Grade Replacement Policy in Repeat Courses

If a student takes a course at KU, receives a D or F in the course, enrolls in and repeats the course at KU, the new grade may be used in place of the original grade for purpose of GPA calculation, subject to the limitations herein.

  1. The course must be numbered 000-299 and have been taken in the Fall 2001 semester or thereafter.  Classes taken from Fall 2001 through Summer 2007 must have been requested by the student during the semester as qualifying for this policy.  Beginning in Fall 2007, this policy automatically applies to classes that meet the criteria outlined in this section.
  2. The grade of D or F cannot be the result of an academic misconduct sanction of “Reduction of Grade for the Course.”
  3. The grade recalculation will happen by default.
  4. The original grade will remain on the transcript, although it will not be used to calculate the GPA.
  5. Students may have a grade replaced no more than five times, meaning a student may retake five courses, or a course five times, or any combination thereof.  Multiple retakes of a course are discouraged, but not explicitly prohibited. The time and date of registration of the second (repeat) enrollment will be used to determine the limit of five repeat courses for grade replacement.
  6. This policy cannot be used for courses that apply to a baccalaureate degree already awarded by the University of Kansas.

Reference: U.S.R.R. – 2.2.8