Cortney McKay

Graduation Advisor - Students with last names C-G & I-J

My favorite place on campus is:
All of campus is my happy place. I love the grandeur that is Strong Hall, the magic of Allen Field House, the stars over Potter Lake, the activity of the Kansas Union, the peacefulness of Marvin Grove, the charm of the 1940's Outdoor Dance Pavilion, the calm on the west side of Spencer Research Library, the evening sky at Prairie Acre, and the enchanting Alumni Place Fountain.

Advice to college students:
If you’re just starting out or if you are on your way out the door: Go sledding when it’s just too cold. Dance until you’re dizzy. Sing in front of people you wouldn’t dare. Find a non-chain coffee shop to hang out in. Stroll down Massachusetts Street. Skip a class (just one though). Re-play the past and smile. Take a drive and stare at the stars. Walk in a parade or attend one. Hit up the South Park gazebo with a picnic. Climb a tree. Go to games, all the games. Find a close friend to confide in. Kill time on campus with a walk through a museum or a moment’s peace at the lake. Enjoy and appreciate the beauty of campus, the classes that inspire you to dig deeper, and the friendships that you form here.

Favorite quote:
“Only love and death change all things.” –Khalil Gibran

My favorite show: