COVID-19 Temporary Forms/Links/Processes

  • Temporary Add/Drop/Withdrawal During COVID-19 (for all OUR information, please use this link)
    • Time Conflict Form 
      • The student will complete the form including entering the email addresses of the two instructors listed for the classes, along with details that will be helpful for the instructors to make a determination of approval or denial. The email will go directly to the instructors listed, who will then respond to registrar@ku.edu with the decision. OUR will then process the form and notify the student of the decision. Students are directed to https://classes.ku.edu to obtain instructor name and email address. If no instructor is listed the student is directed to list Office of the University Registrar as the instructor and list registrar@ku.edu as the instructor email address. OUR will then send the email to the correct person within the department.)
    • Enroll Above Maximum Hours Limit
      • Students will complete the form. It will be routed via the Schedule Change Queue in ImageNow to the appropriate School for a decision. Once the form is routed back to OUR the form will be processed and the student will be notified of the decision.
    • Add Deadline has Passed
      • The student will complete the form, including the email address of the instructor in the class. The request will be emailed to the instructor who will reply with the decision to registrar@ku.edu. Students are instructed to list Office of the University Registrar and registrar@ku.edu if no instructor is listed. In the event the request also requires advisor/dean approval OUR will then route the request via the Schedule Change Queue in ImageNow to the appropriate School. Once it has been routed back to OUR with a decision, OUR will process the request and notify the student of the decision.
    • Request to Adjust Credit Hours After the Deadline
      • After the fifth day of classes, you must submit the Request to Adjust Credit Hours form to request approval to decrease the credit hours of a variable credit class. Requests to decrease credit hours must be submitted by the last day to withdrawal.
    • Drop/Withdraw Form
      • ​Most drops, withdrawals, and credit hour decreases can be done by students themselves online through Enroll & Pay. You should always attempt to drop or withdraw yourself before completing the Drop/Withdraw form. Students in certain schools may not be able to drop and/or withdraw through Enroll & Pay. If you are not able to drop a class or withdraw from all classes using the instructions above, fill out and submit the Drop/Withdraw form.
  •  Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 Medical and Compassionate Withdrawal
    • In certain circumstances it is necessary for a student to withdraw from courses after the last date to withdraw. Typically, these are for complete withdrawals from the university, however there are times when well documented cases warrant only a partial withdrawal. When it is necessary to withdraw from courses after the last date to drop, the committee considers:
      • Extraordinary circumstances, such as a serious illness or injury, preventing the student from continuing classes. The medical withdrawal policy covers both physical health and mental health.
      • Extraordinary personal reasons, not related to the student's personal physical health or mental health, preventing the student from continuing in classes.
  • Fall 2020 Credit/No Credit Form
    • The Grading System described in University Senate Rules and Regulations (Article II, Section 2) was modified for the fall 2020 semester to allow most students the choice of a credit/no credit option through April 30, 2021Any student who is considering requesting a change to credit/no credit (CR/NC) is strongly encouraged to receive approval by an academic advisor, who will record notes in Jayhawk GPS, or associate dean before making this change. Further, it is important to note that, if the CR/NC is not currently permitted by a school or program for a licensure course, it will not be permitted as part of this policy. Students should consult with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and their advisor before changing grading options for their course(s). More information can be found on the College's Fall 2020 CR/NC Student Guide.
  • Spring 2021 Credit/No Credit Form
    • Credit/No Credit for Spring 2021 courses will open on May 24, 2021. Any forms submitted prior to May 24, 2021 will be denied and a new request will need to be submitted after May 24, 2021. If you are enrolled in a short course for Spring 2021 you will be allowed to submit the form after the official grade for your course has posted and been reviewed.  The window for selecting or rescinding Spring 2021 Credit/No Credit will be from May 24th through December 3rd, 2021.  Please Note: Students graduating in Spring 2021 have until June 4th to make their selection or rescind a request. More information can be found on the College's Spring 2021 CR/NC Student Guide.

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