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Taylor Hanna-Peterson

Academic Advisor - Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychology (students with last names A-H)

Undergraduate Degree:
Applied Behavioral Sciences and a minor in Human Sexuality.

I became an advisor because…
I love working with students one on one and helping them find success in their Jayhawk Journey! I had such wonderful advisors and mentors as an undergraduate student that I wanted to help a new generation of students find their path to success too.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Originally, I wanted to be a doctor and go to KU Medical School… I discovered after a few semesters that that was no longer my dream and I had a panic moment about what to do. That’s where my advisors and mentors were my lifeline and I realized I wanted to help students through their hurdles too.

My favorite place on campus is…
The Campanile. It’s such a special place for me- it’s where I graduated (and was finally able to walk through- yes, I’m very superstitious), it’s where I would spend time as a student just enjoying the beautiful view, and it’s where my husband proposed!

My favorite KU memory is…
Walking down the hill (twice!)! It was such a wonderful experience and I hope every Jayhawk has a chance to celebrate their amazing accomplishments with thousands of other excited Jayhawks and their families!

What is at the top of your bucket list?
Visiting all Disney Theme Parks and Resorts and Wizarding World of Harry Potter Parks around the world. My husband and I are huge Disney/Harry Potter/Star Wars/Marvel fans and getting to nerd out with thousands of our closest nerd friends is so much fun!

Favorite quote:
“No one achieves anything alone.”- Leslie Knope, Parks and Rec