Program Structure & Eligibility

Each year, students in the LEAD program will be exposed to program content designed to prepare them for law school and a legal career. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about law school and legal practice, as well as to begin building relationships in the law school and with practicing attorneys.

Freshman Year

LEAD students participate in four off-campus activities to introduce them to the practice of law and law school. Activities may include:

  • A Kansas Supreme Court tour and discussion with a justice of the court
  • A trial court tour and discussion with a judge of the court
  • A private-practice law firm tour in Kansas City and discussion with partners and associates in the firm
  • A government-practice tour and a discussion with attorneys in that practice

Sophomore Year

KU Law faculty facilitate volunteer experiences with a law-affiliated organization for LEAD students during the fall term. During the spring term, KU Law coordinates a discounted LSAT class exclusively for LEAD students.

Junior Year

LEAD students are encouraged to take a 1-credit course — Introduction to the American Legal System — taught by KU Law faculty. At the conclusion of the junior year, the law school hosts a recognition ceremony for juniors (and their families) who are "stepping up" to KU Law the next academic year.

Residency Requirement

All LEAD students are required to complete three full years or six full semesters (fall or spring) of undergraduate studies in residence before enrolling in law school classes. In residence means earning credit for classes offered by the University of Kansas (or Kansas State University for K-State students) for students enrolled in a degree program. While AP and other college credit earned prior to enrolling at the University of Kansas (or Kansas State University) may be used to meet graduation requirements, they will not count towards the residency requirement.


To qualify for the LEAD Program:

  • Students must begin the program when they enroll as freshmen at KU.
  • Students must be enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences seeking a B.A. degree.
  • Students must have a 26 ACT score and a 3.5 GPA, or better.
  • Prior to admission to KU Law, students must meet the bar-required character and fitness requirements and the required LSAT and GPA scores, which are currently a 156 LSAT and 3.5 GPA.