Krystle Perkins

Senior Academic Advisor - History of Art, Theatre & Dance (students with last names A-K), and Visual Art

What did I want to be when I grew up?
An Olympic figure skater or Egyptologist.

Favorite book, movie, musical, musical, tv show?
My favorite book is The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, favorite movie is Top Gun or Tombstone, favorite music is Juanes or Ed Sheeran, favorite tv show is Vikings, favorite musical is Les Miserables.

Advice to college students:
Don’t worry about having your life all planned out; you will encounter opportunities you can’t even imagine or plan for, so have a rough idea and be flexible!

Top of my bucket list:
To retire in Spain.

My favorite KU memory...
From my grad school days in history. All of the history GTAs were in the basement of Wescoe Hall and we had some great times there, making lifelong friends.

On being a First Gen/Non-Traditional Student:
I’m first gen and comfortable with that being shared. My favorite story about being first gen is this: My parents didn’t know how things worked at the college level. I remember I had an issue with a student in one of my classes giving me trouble and my mom threatened to call the principal. I had to explain to her that there was not a principal, it was a dean, and I would be mortified if she did that. Although Mom and Dad didn’t know how classes, majors, book buying, dorm life, or any of that worked, they always supported me and were the first to embarrass me by telling the world how their baby was in college. The embarrassment continues now with, “My baby works at KU!” but I love it.