Drop-In Advising

The College Advising & Student Services office will host regular drop-in advising throughout the semester, in addition to our scheduled appointments- please see below for dates, times, and helpful resources. Please keep in mind that drop-ins are for immediate issues and current schedule questions. We will be better able to help you with more in-depth questions via a scheduled appointment. If you are unsure if drop ins are appropriate, feel free to reach out to your advisor via email, or use the chart below.

Drop-In Advising Information

Drop-In Dates

  • Wednesday mornings    10:00am - 12:30pm (CST)
  • Thursday afternoons     1:00pm - 3:30pm (CST)

Any updates or changes will be updated on this page- check back often! Contact collegeadvising@ku.edu with questions.

Join via Zoom Video Call 

*Preferred method and will provide the most robust advising experience 

1. Join the zoom meeting by going directly to the CASS Drop-In Zoom Room or entering the Meeting ID 931 6701 8827 on Zoom

  • 2. Enter the meeting passcode- 1234
  • 3. Wait until the host is available to speak with you.

Join via Phone Call

  • 1. Call +1-312-626-6799
  • 2. Enter the meeting ID (931 6701 8827 and then the # key)
  • 3. When it asks for Participant ID, just press #.
  • 4. Enter the meeting passcode (1234 and then the # key)
  • 5. Wait until the host is available to speak to you.

Drop-Ins are for:

  • Specific questions about a course/schedule you are currently enrolled in 
  • Help with choosing courses for next semester (IF you bring a list of course ideas)
  • Technical help (adding, dropping, swapping, signing a form, etc)
  • Schedule Checks
  • Adding something to Enroll & Pay (like a minor/double major) if you know you want it added (not a discussion)

Drop-Ins are NOT for:

  • Grad Plan Creation
  • Financial Aid Appeal/SAP Appeal Creation 
  • Action Plan Completion (unless meeting with a retention advisor- please still come to drop-ins to ask about availability)
  • Career Path Discussions
  • Addition of majors/changing majors that require a discussion

*Disclaimer: Dates, times and advisor availability may change. Check this page for updates.