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Chelsea Lantz-Cashman

Academic Advisor- Film & Media Studies, Theatre & Dance (students with last names L-Z)

Undergraduate Degree:
Bachelor of Arts in Literature, minor in Creative Writing and History (Western Carolina University)

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
When I was growing up, I wanted to be any kind of “-ologist.” Well, first I wanted to be an astronaut, but after the powers that be at Space Camp relegated me to the undesirable “Public Affairs” position in the end-of-camp reenactment of a rocket launch, my career interests ricocheted between different types of earth science: geologist, seismologist, and volcanologist.

Advice for Students:
Be kind to yourself.  The college experience can breed insecurity, anxiety, and stress.  No good comes from comparing yourself to peers, striving to fulfill someone else’s expectations, or forcing a career path that no longer brings you joy.  Give yourself room to grow, forgive yourself when mistakes arise, make time for self-care, and ask for help.

My favorite place on campus:
When I arrived in Kansas from the mountains of North Carolina, I had one goal in mind: find a long walk that would tucker out the dog and also allow her to flop around in a body of water.  So after a tedious week of unpacking, the pup and I hoofed it around campus and happened upon Potter’s Lake. Once we hit the grass, the pup took off to the shore to hunt frogs in the shallow water; it was love for both of us.  Five years later, Potter’s Lake remains our primary destination on weekend excursions.

What is the top of your bucket list?
One day, I’d very much like to own a goat, specifically a pygmy or fainting goat.