Calculate Your GPA

You can calculate your projected semester and overall KU GPA by using the GPA Calculator tool.  You can find this tool in Your Degree Progress Report, under KU Cumulative Graduation GPA.

Step 1:

Enter current KU Cumulative GPA and total GPA hours completed.

Step 2:

This step is optional and only needed if you are enrolled in a non-graded course or one that you plan to take as Credit/No Credit.

Step 3:

Fill in with all current enrolled courses (exclude any non-graded courses you may have entered in step 2).  If you are repeating a course, select the course repeat box, but first make sure your course qualifies for grade replacement.

Step 4:

Use this section if you would like to set a term GPA goal to improve your overall KU GPA.  If you would like to see how many hours of a certain grade is needed to raise your KU cumulative GPA, use this tool.