Annie Bigby

Academic Advisor- Undergraduate Biology

Undergrad Major:
Elementary Education

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
A veterinarian because I loved science and animals. It was one of the few careers I was aware of as a kid. Did you know that over 21,000 jobs exist today and more are being created? There are so many possibilities!

I became an advisor because…
I want to advocate for students in order to reduce challenges you may face and empower you to take ownership of your education. College can be a time of self-discovery both in- and outside of the classroom and I want to support you on that journey.

Advice to college students:
Ask all the questions and advocate for yourself. Not sure what to ask, but you know that you need something? That’s okay! Find someone who you’ve connected with and have a conversation with that person. That could lead to you finding out more about your needs and developing those questions. As an advisor, that is what I’m here for and there are so many other faculty, staff, mentors, and more who can be that person for you.

My favorite book, movie, show, music is…
Hamilton the musical. History and music, you can’t go wrong! A bucket list item of mine is to perform on Broadway. I’d love to join the cast of Hamilton or Wicked.