College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Choosing A Major

Major Declaration Congratulations! You’ve decided on a major. Most of the programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences do not have any requirements for declaring a major, however, we strongly encourage you to meet with an advisor in your desired area of study and create a plan to graduate.  During an advising appointment, your advisor can also help you update your academic record to reflect your area of study.  You are also welcome to stop by 109 Strong Hall in person and request to declare your major or email collegeadvising@ku.edu from your KU email address (be sure to include your ID and the major you want added and/or removed).

Major Admission Some departments in the College require you to meet certain curriculum criteria before allowing you to declare. You can find a full list of these majors below. During the semester that you are enrolled in your last course for admission, you will need to meet with the department to fill out a Major Intent Form. Upon submission of your Major Intent Form and successful completion of the requirements for admission into the program, you will be officially admitted.

Major Admission Departments

Religious Studies