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Schedule An Appointment

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss academics, semester planning, and goals for graduation.  Please refer to the options below for scheduling an appointment. 

How to make an appointment with an advisor from College Advising & Student Services
Online with your assigned advisor
You can only schedule an online appointment with your assigned advisor as listed in the myKU portal.
  1. Log onto your myKU Portal
  2. Click on the “Academics” link
  3. Click on “Academics” tab
  4. Click on “Make an advising appointment”
  5. You will be directed to the MySuccess portal
  6. While in MySuccess portal click on “MySuccess Network” and then select “Show people in this term”
  7. Scroll to see your advisor’s name and click on “Schedule Appointment”

If you receive a login error please open up a different web browser and try again or you can also access MySuccess through Blackboard and then follow steps 5-7 upon clicking on MySuccess in the left side under “tools.”

Please view the MySuccess website for further instructions on how to schedule an appointment online.

Calling the office
You can call the College Advising & Student Services office anytime Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM central time to set up an appointment. Our number is (785)864-3500.
Stopping by the office
You can stop by the College Advising & Student Services office anytime Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM central time to set up an appointment. We are located in Strong Hall 109.

Advising Appointment Checklist

Plan to come prepared for your meeting by following these steps:

  • Schedule an appointment in advance of your enrollment date.  You should receive an email from the University Registrar with your enrollment assignment (usually late September for spring/summer and early March for fall).  You can always reference your enrollment assignment in your myKU Portal.
  • Review your Degree Progress Report (DPR) and make sure your record is up to date. 
    • If you have completed transfer work, send it to KU Admissions prior to your appointment.
    • If you have questions about anything on your record, bring these to your appointment!
  • Check for any enrollment holds you may have and work to resolve these prior to your meeting.  You should receive an email if you have a hold, but you can also find your hold information in Enroll & Pay.
  • Come with a list of courses you are interested in taking.  Check the Schedule of Classes to see what is available and start building your schedule.
  • Think of any additional questions you may have about your experiences at KU.  Plan to study abroad or participate in research?  If you have questions about any additional experiences you’d like to get involved with our academic advisors can help get you started!