What did you want to be growing up?
First I wanted to be a 3rd grade teacher. Then I decided I’d rather be Taylor Swift. Once I got to college, I realized I wanted to keep working with college students. Now I’m an academic advisor, who drives to work with T.Swift blasting and my windows rolled up.

My favorite place on campus is:
The rooftop of the Oread Hotel. You can see for miles across town.

If I only had 1 day to explore Lawrence, I would:
Take a food tour down Mass St, starting with brunch at The Roost and ending with ice cream at Sylas and Maddy’s.

My one piece of advice for students is:
Give yourself more credit. You’re learning how to balance a boat load of experiences at once when you get to college. Take it one step at a time, but keep moving! You’ve got this. (And us advisors have your back!)