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The College academic advising system utilizes an array of specialty advisors to make sure that you are getting the proper help when choosing your academic path. Once you’ve declared your major or minor, a team of advisors typically including a faculty member from your department and a full-time professional advisor will be there to help you.  Students in the LEAD program, University Honors Program, Edwards Campus programs, and the College Online degree program will have an assigned advisor through those programs, additionally.

After completing a minimum of 90 credit hours, the College will assign you a Graduation Advisor to help you through the process of completing your degree and graduating.

Contact CASS to learn more about your advising team.  Refer to our list of advisors below if you are unsure of who your advisor is or would like to meet with an advisor to explore a different major or minor.

Academic Advisors by Department


International & Interdisciplinary Studies

  • African & African-American Studies; American Studies; Latin American & Caribbean Studies; Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies: Amy Schmidt
  • Environmental Studies:  Lisa Hamblen
  • Global & International Studies; Jewish Studies; and Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies: Laura Leonard
  • Indigenous Studies: See department for faculty advising

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

  • Biotechnology and Molecular Biosciences at Edwards Campus: Sandy Leppin
  • Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy, UKAN Teach, and Biology Freshmen (students with last names R-Z): Bhargavi Krishnan
  • Geography & Atmospheric Science and Geology: Lisa Hamblen
  • Mathematics: See department for faculty advising
  • Biology Freshmen (students with last names A-Q): Darrell Johnson
  • Undergraduate Biology (sophomores through seniors): See department for advising

Social & Behavioral Sciences

School of the Arts

  • Visual Art, Dance and Theatre students with last names A-I: Sydney Stone
  • Film & Media Studies, Dance and Theatre students with last names J-Z: Miranda Cook

BGS in Liberal Arts & Sciences
Lawrence campus and online students pursuing a BGS Liberal Arts & Sciences are advised by Cindy Thompson.

LEAD Program
Students in the Legal Education Accelerated Degree Program are advised by Amy Schmidt.

Graduation Advising
Graduation advisors are assigned to seniors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and School of the Arts by student’s last name.

Undecided and Pre-Professional Seniors/Online Students

Undecided and Pre-Professional seniors are advised by the Undergraduate Advising Center.  Students completing their degree online are advised by the College Online degree program advisors.

Retention Advising

Retention advisors Shelly Mann and Georgiana Spear can help with any questions or concerns students may have about academic standing.


How to view your assigned advisor(s)

A student's assigned advisor can be viewed through myKU. Navigate to the Academics link at the top of the page and select the Academics Tab to view all of the student's assigned advisor(s). Some departments have shared advising responsibilities rather than one specific advisor. If you do not see a specific advisor name at this location, you can find additional information about your department's advising team above.